Global Advertising Forecast, Q4 2016 | MAGNA

The global advertising market is currently growing faster than what should be expected in the current economic environment. Advertising revenues demonstrated their strongest growth since 2010 this year, as advertising sales reached $493 billion.

Take a look at the below points to get an overview about the global advertising insight mentioned in the attached report:

  • Of the 70 markets analyzed this year, 63 experienced advertising growth this year and only 7 (most notably Thailand) saw a decrease.
  • The highest growth rate was recorded in Egypt and the Philippines (both 17%).
  • India (+14%) & Russia (+8.8%) achieved the fastest advertising growing among the top 20 markets.
  • The volume of programmatic and automated digital media transactions totaled $19 billion in 2016 and it is expected to grow to $42 billion in 2020.
  • Digital advertising sales (display, video, search & social) grew by +17% to $178 billion in 2016.
  • The 17% growth in digital advertising sales are totally driven by mobile advertising.
  • Paid Search is the largest portion of digital advertising budgets, representing 50% of total digital spend globally in 2016.
  • Search and social are providing $23 billion of total spend in 2016, equivalent to 88% of the global increase in advertising ($27 billion).

Global Advertising Forecast Q4 2016 MAGNA

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