Bringing SMES Onto The E-Commerce Highway Q2 2016 | International Trade Centre

ICT report has provided several examples of success but also the challenges SMEs may still face. It shows that e-commerce has been enthusiastically embraced by consumers and producers in a number of economies. The value of global e-commerce sales is today well above US$ 1 trillion. E-commerce has also enabled the emergence of numerous tech-savvy and dynamic enterprises in the developing world.

The results reveal that success in crossborder e-commerce requires:

  • The Ability to use information and communication technologies for establishing an online business and conducting international e-payments.
  • Reorganizing storage and warehouse management to respond to multiple small orders rather than limited bulk orders.
  • The ability to deal directly with customers abroad for aftersales service, rather than just working indirectly through a foreign retailer or intermediary.

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