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All marketers need to understand the brand followers behavior, the below wave of online indicators define the brand followers behavior from 35 countries (China is excluded), there were 24,219 ‘Brand Followers’ among 56,767 adults aged 16-64.

Defined here are those who follow either brand they like or brands they are thinking of buying something from, on social media:

  • 46% of internet users follow 43% brands on social media.
  • 67% of Brand Followers say that “free delivery “is most likely to increase their likelihood of buying a product.
  • 48% of the brand followers are female.
  • The majority of the brand followers are between 16 to 44 years old.
  • The top 5 markets are: Malaysia (63%) Philippines (61%) Indonesia (58%) Mexico(56%) & UAE  are (56%) .
  • 95% of the Brand Followers personally own the smartphone, 87% from PC/laptop, while only 47% from the tablet.
  • 41% of Brand Followers are more likely to say that the chance to buy something on a social network would motivate them to complete a purchase (17% do), while 20% more likely to be purchasing online via mobile.

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