The Connectivity Challenge for Brands, Q3 2016 | Kantar TNS

Marketers use social platforms to create different types of connection and opportunities for brands. While ordinary people use Facebook _with rate 75%_ to keep up with bloggers, celebrities or online personalities, use YouTube to find articles to read or videos to watch, use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, and Viber to chat with others, and use Twitter to keep up with bloggers, celebrities or online personalities.

In Egypt 54% of Facebook users read brands’ posts that are published, while in Saudi Arabia 62% of Facebook users interact with brands on Facebook by asking questions about the brand.

51% of internet users in Poland use ad blockers, while only 7% of South African users who uses ad blockers.

50% of Saudi Arabians feel they are followed by brand ads.

48% of internet users in South Africa reads or watches content from brands on social media.


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