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Google Ads Rolls Out Four New Search Ad Position Metrics

November 7, 2018 |

As an Advertiser, it’s important to understand where your ads appear on the search results page. Hence, Google Ads announced that they are rolling out four new Search Ad Position metrics over the next several weeks, which support advertisers, marketers, WebMasters, and businesses with clear Search Ad Position analysis on where their ads are appearing on the search results page. …


Google Ads Launches New Feature That Notify Users with Big or small Updates

November 2, 2018 |

Finding the best way to tell users about the latest updates and services is more important than the updates themselves. This means that social media platforms have to roll out effective tools and options that can perform this mission. This week, Google Ads announced on its official blog that they are launching “The new features & announcements …


Google Ads Is Launching Two New Improvements to Click-to-Message Ads

October 26, 2018 |

The acquisition of advertisers is not an easy mission; it needs to great and continuous efforts, which means that different social media platforms are required to develop more updates and services that can enhance the experience of advertisers and make them prefer a platform to others. This justifies the Google Ads’ ongoing work to maintain its position among competitors. As its …


Google’s Re-branding The Top Contributor Program as Google’s Product Experts Program

October 12, 2018 |

There is no doubt that the review of users’ feedback has become a cornerstone in the construction and development of any online service, so we note that many providers of online products, especially social networking platforms began to take into account the importance of focus on the of users’ feedback and experience. Accordingly, a few days …


Google+ Is on Its Way to Shutdown for Consumers

October 9, 2018 |

Two days ago, Google announced on its official blog that they are deciding to shut down Google+ for consumers, as part of Google’s Project Strobe, that is a root-and-branch review of third-party developer access to Google account and Android device data and of Google’s philosophy around apps’ data access. Project Strobe is launched by Google in the beginning of …


Microsoft’s Introducing New Features of IoT to Its Azure

September 27, 2018 |

Last week, Microsoft held its Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida, US, in order to reveal its latest updates that include a set of new Internet of Things-focused updates to its Azure cloud computing platform, aiming to completely benefit from data generated by IoT devices in enhancing its cloud computing services like Azure. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, …


Group Planning Is Now Available on Google Maps

September 26, 2018 |

This week, Google announced on its official blog that finally, they are launching a new feature called “Group Planning” on its Google Maps product. Accordingly, Group Planning feature will enable all users worldwide to plan with their friends and decide where to go as a group. Five months ago, Google announced on an official blog post that they were …


Google Announces 4 Updates While Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary

September 25, 2018 |

This week, Google is celebrating its 20th Anniversary since a pair of Stanford PhD students founded a search engine company based in their friend Susan’s Menlo garage. But, it is not only a celebration; Google also announces 4 new updates to its services and products worldwide. First announcement (Some New Updates to Visual Results) Google’s first announcement mentions some …


The Google New Search Console Is Out of Beta Now

September 5, 2018 |

A few hours ago, Google announced on its official blog the graduation of The Google New Search Console out of beta, that’s considered to be an important transformation in Search Console’s history. Alongside graduating the New Search Console out of beta, Google also announced some new changes and updates _joining a set of reports and features launched in the new Search …


Google Bought Mastercard US Users’ Data to Track Retail Sales

September 4, 2018 |

  In Google’s strive to provide scientific tools and services for consumers, advertisers, Publishers, and marketers around the world, they have reached great measures. A few days ago, Bloomberg revealed on an official website report the secret partnership between the Google company and Mastercard Inc., that enables the Google company to access the Mastercard credit card US …