Facebook launches Blood Donation Center on The World Blood Donor Day

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Facebook is celebrated the World Blood Donor Day by launching the Blood Donations center on its platform.

“Today, in honor of World Blood Donor Day, we are launching Blood Donations on Facebook, a new center where people in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan can find opportunities to donate nearby”, Facebook said. “We are also running a campaign in these countries to raise awareness on the shortage of blood and the importance and impact of donating.” Facebook added.

In addition the new feature, they’re running a campaign in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan to raise awareness on the shortage of blood and the importance and impact of donating, as a part of their celebration.

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Posted by Facebook on Tuesday, June 12, 2018


The blood donations center will provide all the donors in these countries with information about opportunities to donate in their city, including nearby blood donation events, requests from blood donors and blood banks.

Also, this new feature will enable non-profits to add requests and events to the blood donations center on Facebook.

In the same context, it must be said that more than 11 million people have signed up and thousands of donations have been facilitated through Facebook.

Finally, on their announcement on the official blog, Facebook said:

“We hope that by raising awareness and letting people know where and when they can donate, we can increase blood donations and contribute to a more sustainable blood supply”.


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