57% of Irish Consumers Are Only Using Credible/legitimate Shopping Websites on Their Mobile Phones, 2018 | PWC

Mobile payments are rapidly growing in popularity and expected to take over credit card payments in the next decade. However, the question remains, are they secure? Each mobile payment app has its own safety concerns, so the built-in security of each one needs to be analyzed to determine if your money and personal information are safe.
Retailers can build trust by providing secure websites and payment facilities, as well as protecting customer data in order to increase consumer confidence.

Take a glance at the Irish concerns about mobile phone payments:

  • 57% of surveyed customers reported that they only use credible/legitimate websites shopping on their mobile phones.
  • 52% mentioned that they are concerned about the security of their personal information when making payments on their mobile phone.
The Irish Consumers Concerns About Payments on Their Mobile Phone, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Irish Consumers Concerns About Payments on Their Mobile Phones, 2018.

For more information, kindly check the “Retail & Consumer Report – Ireland 2018“ full report.