Internet Users’ Reactions Towards Content of Brands 2016 | KANTAR TNS

Internet Users’ reactions towards the content of brands, can be identified in the following points:

  •  29% of internet users, whose age between 45 and 54 years, feel they are constantly followed by brand advertising online.
  • 37% of users, aged 55 to 65, ignoring any social posts or content from brands.
  • 34 % of users, aged 25 to 34, think that brands they contact have a different level of customer service between online and offline.
  • 29% of users, aged 35 to 44, are objecting to the idea of brands tracking their online behavior in order to serve them adverts.
  • 24% of users, aged 16 to 24, aren’t open to sharing more information with brands online, even if they were offered a reward.

Brands On Social Diving Opinions 2016_KANTAR TNS