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ROI – Return on investment – should be simple but in the field of social marketing, people are still asking questions when they discuss ROI: how a solid measurement plan fits in and how optimizations and insights impact the bottom line.

To understand how social marketers across all major verticals – hospitality, e-commerce, CPG, restaurants, tech, sports, and entertainment – should be thinking about ROI in 2017 take a look at the below hints:

# Hospitality: How can you increase your ROI?

  • Run multi-property analysis.
  • Avoid using Twitter as a customer service channel only.
  • Bulk up on UGC and influencer programs.
  • Invest in ads.

# E-commerce: How can you increase your ROI?

  • Focus on Instagram.
  • Place a link in your bio.
  • Optimize your photos for mobile.
  • Regram your followers and customers.
  • Schedule time to interact.
  • Post regularly.
  • Measure your progress.

# CPG: How can you increase your ROI?

  • Run multi-brand and competitive analysis.
  • Use the Social Metrics Matrix.

# Restaurants: How can you increase your ROI?

  • See where your content goes: Production & Distribution.
  • Stay laser-focused on your conversions: Set your measurement Foundation, seek growth, and get creative.

# Tech: How can you increase your ROI?

  • Experiment with live video.
  • Tie to your organizational goals.
  • Focus on dark.

# Sports: How can you increase your ROI?

  • Run regular segmented analysis.
  • Identify which content drives the most engagement and conversion.

# Entertainment: How can you increase your ROI?

  • Increase website traffic.
  • On Facebook: Publish engaging content and invest in ads.
  • On Instagram: Put a website link in your bio, use influencers & partners, and use Instagram stories.
  • On Pinterest: Convert your personal account to a business one, add keywords next to your business name, add important keywords to your bio, and share pins related to current trends & events.
  • On Twitter: Play on curiosity, get other Twitter users to share your content, and invest in Twitter ads.

The ROI Refresh Guide Simply Measured

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