The Social Marketer’s Content Optimization, 2016 | Simply Measured

You need good optimization techniques for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach and engage with your audiences and make a better understanding of people activities on these platforms.


  • Use “Facebook Live” to incorporate Live directly into your current publishing workflow in another application
  • Publish “Instant Articles” to enable visitors to own lighter versions of articles load much faster within Facebook.
  • Use “Audience Optimization” to reach and engage your audiences on Facebook and better understand the interests of people clicking on their posts.


  • You need to understand the different engagement types on twitter and what that means.
  • Reply continuously and try to engage directly with your audience.
  • Do whatever you can to make yourself an ally and give your brand a personality.
  • Generate awareness for your own brand by tweeting GIF’s, video clips, and eye-catching and/or surprising images.
  • Use Periscope videos to get your branded events and campaigns directly in front of your target audience on Twitter.


  • Think hard about the content you’re posting on Instagram and optimize it along the way.
  • Check out your competitors and keep your peripheral vision sharp.
  • Use “Hashtags” to make your content discoverable, so that’s helped you gain traction on the channel.
  • Use Instagram videos that give followers a fresh perspective on your brand.

The Social Marketer’s Content Optimization 2016 Simply Measured

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