Infographic: How to Stand Out in an Overstuffed Inbox This Holiday Season | Constant Contact

The craziest shopping weekend of the year is in full swing. But there’s no need to panic. It’s time to get your seasonal email marketing campaigns all wrapped up. Constant Contact has analyzed tens of billions of emails sent and opened around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

Read the key findings showed tips and tricks to get through a successful holiday season.

  • Thanksgiving: Emails sent on Thanksgiving have a higher open rate than those sent on Black Friday. So, if you want to boost sales during Black Friday, you need to send your emails this day.
  • Black Friday: Remember that it’s the worst day to send emails. There are so many emails being sent, but the open rates decreased by 11%. It would be better to send your emails the day before instead.
  • Small Business Saturday: It’s the best day for mobile devices as more emails were opened on such devices. So, you need to make a mobile E-responsive email template.
  • Cyber Monday: Emails sent on Cyber Monday are more likely to be opened than those sent on Black Friday. Emails sent on Tuesday after Cyber Monday have a higher open rate (with 8.5%) than emails sent on Monday itself.

A Figure Shows the Email Open Rates on Thanksgiving Vs. Black Friday

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