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Adespresso - Facebook Ads Guide

Want to Learn the Best Practices for Successful Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Ad is where you’re creating different headline, image, text and CTA options for different devices and placements. Many advertisers giving up because they don’t know the best practices of creating ads that not only perform well, but also drive real results to your business.

Advertising on Facebook vs. Google

  • Google is great for demand fulfilment: Search -> Buy
  • Facebook is great for demand generation: Discovery
  • Complex to get it right. Lower conversion rate. Bigger opportunity.
  • Google’s lifecycle: SetUp, Test, Fine-tune, Forget
  • Facebook’s lifecycle: SetUp, Test, Fine-tune, Repeat. You constantly need to test different ad designs and audiences to target.


So, how to create Facebook Ads that convert?

How to choose the best device and placement? What is the best practice to find your audience interests to target?

For more details, Download and read this full guide by Adespresso here