Make the Most of Your Marketing in Turkey During Ramadan 2018 | Criteo

“Ramadan” just like Christmas has become a season of increased consumerism and shopping. In Turkey, This holy month has its significant impact on retail sales and travel sales too. But what’s the effect of Ramadan on both retail and travel sales, when are the peak sales periods, what are the top performing retail sub-verticals, and …


Women Globally Are More Likely Than Men to Receive Unwanted Calls, 2018 | Truecaller

A recent study conducted by Truecaller revealed that women around the world receive more spam calls than men and also they block 19% more unwanted calls than men. In some countries (e.g. India, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Ghana) men receive more spam calls than women but women are more likely to take …


Truecaller Insights: The Top 20 Countries Affected by Spam Calls, July 2017 | Truecaller

Scam calls – which seeks to steal the recipient’s money or personal information – and spam calls – which are unwanted communication with sales goal – are have been on the rise ever since the advent of mobile phones. But nowadays you can fight against the spams thanks to the Truecaller app which filters out the unwanted …