Free International Returns is The Main Driver to Shop Online From UK by Swedish Online Shoppers at a Rate of 33%, 2017 | RoyalMail

Cross-border e-commerce is a phenomenon that has quietly gained huge momentum as customers purchase products from outside their borders. Sweden online shoppers feel reassured about buying items from UK websites, they’re more likely to make the purchase. Free international returns are the key reason that would encourage buyers to shop more, closely followed by a …


Insights 2018: Attitude Towards Advertising and Use of Ad Blocking | AudienceProject

People don’t like ads. And especially, they don’t like ads in online video clips. So, ad blocking seems to be a big problem for the digital industry. Furthermore, advertisers are challenging to reduce this phenomenon but they’re trying by delivering relevant ads, understanding audiences and improving the ad experience. Advertisers also are eager to collect …


Shopping When It Suits is The Most Important Advantage of Shopping Online For Swedish Online Consumers With a Rate of 29%, 2018 | EMOTA

Consumers are taking their purchases to the internet because the advantages of shopping online are perceived as greater than the advantages of physical retail. Online shopping has become a popular shopping method ever since the internet entered our lives. There are many individuals that are looking for other amazing alternatives shopping and online shipping is …