Online Population in South Korea Reached 45.4 Million With 89.7% Penetration Rate in 2017 | PPRO

The Republic of Korea is one of the original Asian Tiger economies and the owner of the fastest internet speed in the whole world. In 2017, the Republic reached about 45.4 million internet users from 50.6 million are the total population of the Republic; achieving a rate of 89.7% internet penetration. South Korea’s B2C e-commerce …


Truecaller Insights: The Top 20 Countries Affected by Spam Calls, July 2017 | Truecaller

Scam calls – which seeks to steal the recipient’s money or personal information – and spam calls – which are unwanted communication with sales goal – are have been on the rise ever since the advent of mobile phones. But nowadays you can fight against the spams thanks to the Truecaller app which filters out the unwanted …


South Korea Is the Only Country Exceeds the 25 Mbps Threshold of Internet Speed, Q1 2017 | Akamai

Globally, the average connection speed (IPv4) estimated with 7.2 Mbps in the first quarter of 2017. For over than 5 years respectively, South Korea grabbed the highest internet speed in all countries/regions; estimated with 28.6 to be the only country to exceed the 25 Mbps threshold. Norway ranked the next with a 23.5 Mbps speed, …