Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit 2018 | Singapore

Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit 2018 in Singapore is one of the Innovation Enterprise series of Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, E-commerce, Retail, and Social Media conferences held annually around the world. Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit 2018 in Singapore is an event where all the innovators, advertisers, publishers, creators, and digital marketers can refining their marketing …


Going Global: Payment Insights to Achieve Growth at Scale, 2018 | Mastercard

The new digital era has witnessed a revolution in payments, transforming both how consumers make purchases as well as the opportunities available to retailers. In the same context, E-Wallets and other smartphone methods of payment are gaining market share year-over-year, but in all markets, card and bank transfers are still hugely popular. Read the below …


29% of Retail Sales Happened Between 9:5 AM During Ramadan, 2016 | Criteo

Criteo analyzed over than 8 M transactions from 143 retail advertisers based in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore across desktop, smartphones, and tablets. Mobile sales include sales on mobile websites and apps. The baseline used for pre-Ramadan comparisons period was April 2016. Cross-device insights were built by analyzing purchases on week 2 of Ramadan and looking …