53% of Women in MENA Look for Information About Products Before Purchasing, 2016 | Ipsos

More than half of the women in MENA (53%) are seeking information about products before buying them in order to compare between products and find best deals. Iran has the highest rate of informed women shoppers (66%), followed by UAE (58%), KSA (54%) and then Iraq (49%). For more information, kindly check “10 Things You …


Quality or Brand Names Are More Important for Middle East Women While Buying, 2016 | Ipsos

In general, 55% of women in MENA are focusing on quality and brand name, while 45% are focusing on price or offers & promotions. Higher purchasing power in the Gulf countries sometimes lead women to focus more on the quality of product or service and the brand name more than anything else. So, in Gulf, 66% of Saudi women focus …


The Consumer Barometer In Saudi Arabia 2015 | Google, iab

This report shows that 91% of Saudi Arabian consumers use a mobile or smartphone, and 86% users go online daily. The report also shows that internet users in Saudi Arabia are more connected, they’re more reliant on the internet to shop as the internet was used in 33% of recent purchase journeys. On the other …