Google Play Offers the Cheapest Cost Per Install (CPI) for Mobile Game Apps in the Middle East & Africa, Sep. 2017 | eMarketer

The cost per install (CPI) for mobile game apps varies from country to country and from platform to platform. Google Play offers the cheapest CPI ever, that does not exceed $0.50. CPI on iOS reaches its peak especially in Qatar ($1.24), UAE ($1.18) and Kuwait ($1.17). Amazon comes in the middle level with costs range …


Women Globally Are More Likely Than Men to Receive Unwanted Calls, 2018 | Truecaller

A recent study conducted by Truecaller revealed that women around the world receive more spam calls than men and also they block 19% more unwanted calls than men. In some countries (e.g. India, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Ghana) men receive more spam calls than women but women are more likely to take …


Egypt Dominates All African Countries in Daily Time Spent on Social Media, 2017 | GlobalWebIndex

Year after year, millions of Africans are coming online for the first time and the region continues to rise in importance within the digital world. And in terms of their attitude towards social media, African users use fewer platforms for longer and in a more active/engaged way compared to other users around the whole world. …