What Does Social Media Tell Us About Real Estate in the MENA Region, 2018 | Crowd Analyzer

Social media platforms are growing to become the public sphere everyone goes to in order to search, check products, survey, and even get inspired. Browsing Instagram or Twitter, you can find agents, mortgage companies and real estate firms using such platforms to increase brand awareness, sales, leads and much more. Hence, these social media advertising …


Broadband Subscriptions in Bahrain Increased by 19% to Reach 2.3 Million in Q3 2016 | TRA in Bahrain

Internet users in Bahrain estimated with 93% of all inhabitants there, based on the 2015 study. At the end of Q3 2016, there were nearly 2.3 million broadband subscriptions compared to 1.94 million at the end of the previous year 2015 (19% growth), representing a broadband penetration of 164%. There were also about 2.8 million …


Telecommunication Market Indicators in Bahrain, Jan 2017 | TRA in Bahrain

By the end of Q3 2016, there were several changes in some aspects of the telecommunication sector in Bahrain. Fixed lines declined by -1% in Q3 2015 to reach 244,000 in Q3 2016, while mobile subscribers increased by 12% to hit 2.8 million subscribers in the same period. Find out more about the telecommunication market …