The countdown to Ramadan 2018 has begun. Ramadan is less than one month away!

Ramadan is the largest advertising moment in MENA

For most advertisers, it is the busiest ad season of the year. Actually, the brand’s activities during Ramadan is reflecting on the rest of the year.

Ramadan 2018 Guide - YouTube Peak

Youtube is your key to unlocking the Ramadan Advertising season online

More advertisers move to YouTube during Ramadan because of:

YouTube Ads vs TV Ads


Ramadan 2018 Guide - YouTube vs TV

Viewer Ad preference during Ramadan (TV indexed to 100)


The 5 keys to mastering content in Ramadan 2018:

  1. Use the storytelling approach and connect with your audience using multi-story series rather than using the 1 same content throughout Ramadan
  2. Give back to society – a concept loved by audiences during Ramadan
  3. Content should address real user needs, true passions and relevant real-life issues – be authentic
  4. Base your strategy on reliable consumer insights
  5. Take advantage of the Eid period, when searches for certain categories, such as travel, beauty and fashion peak

Want to learn more about Ramadan Season? Download the full guide by Think With Google