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The number of internet users in Egypt reached 29.8 million users with 37.8% penetration rate, according to ICT access and use by households and individuals during 2015/2016.

Keep an eye on some of the basic connectivity indicators as briefed below:

Fixed Lines and Mobile Services in Egypt

  • The total number of fixed line subscriptions has reached 6.22 million subscriptions at the end of January/March 2017 compared to 5.90 million subscriptions at the same period in 2016.
  • The number of mobile subscriptions rose from 95.26 million at the end of January/March 2016 to reach 99.91 million at the same period 2017.
  • Mobile penetration jumped from 108.33% to hit 111.61% at the end of January/March 2017.

Internet and ADSL Services in Egypt

  • International internet bandwidth leaped from 829.77 Gbps to 1,204.14 Gbps at the end of January/March 2017; representing an annual growth rate of 45.12%.
  • The number of ADSL subscriptions increased from 4 million subscriptions to reached 4.49 million subscriptions by the end of January/March 2017 with an annual change of 0.48 million and annual change rate 12.1%.
  • Mobile internet rose from 25.88 million subscriptions to hit 30.45 million subscriptions by the end of January/March 2017.

The ICT Sector’s Role in Development

  • 80.9% of enterprises use fixed phones and 79.9% use computers, while 59.9% use the internet and 50% mobiles.
  • 51.7% of private sector enterprises use the internet in getting information about goods and services.
  • 58.4% of private sector enterprises access the internet using broadband.
  • 5.3% of private sector enterprises were dealing with e-commerce, while 17.5% were dealing with e-government.

Egypt ICT Indicators Bulletin, Q1 2017 MCIT

For more information, please download the “Egyptian ICT Indicators Bulletin, Q1 2017” full report.

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