Amazon Consumer Survey 2017 | CPC Strategy

Amazon is considered as the queen of online retail, besides it is also the largest internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalizations, as 33.8% of retail visits on Amazon website during Nov & Dec 2016 were on Amazon.

To gain more insights into shoppers behavior on Amazon check the survey results:

  • 48.5% of the survey respondents use Amazon “occasionally” or “frequently” for trying new products or brands, while 20.5% prefer to stick with familiar ones.
  • Women are more likely to discover new products or brands on Amazon than men (24.37% VS 22.00%).
  • 66.6% of the survey respondents didn’t make any purchases on Amazon during Black Friday.
  • About half the respondents (53.5%) of Amazon shoppers are sometimes or frequently compare Amazon prices elsewhere.
  • Desktop computer or laptop is the main device for 37.7% of respondents when buying something on Amazon.
  • Young ages between 25-34 were most likely to use their mobile phone to make a purchase.
  • Price (23.1%) & shipping (19.8%) are the most important factors in buying decision from Amazon.


Data were driven from 1500 Amazon shoppers.

For more information, please download “Amazon Consumer Survey 2017” full report.

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