56% of Internet Users in UAE Are Males Vs. 44% Females, Dec. 2017 | Effective Measure

UAE lead all the Arab countries in terms of internet penetration which estimated with a rate of 99% in 2017, an increase of 11% than 2013. On another side, unique browsers (UBs) increased with a rate of 9.12% to achieve more than 21,17 million in December 2017. Daily average unique browsers also increased to reach over 1.75 million on the same period. The same also occurred in the rate of mobile unique browsers.

In terms of demographics of internet users in UAE, most of them are males with a rate of 56% compared to 44% are females. 17% of them are managers and 18% aged 30-34 years old. The vast majority of them (61%) access the internet via a mobile device.

It worth to be mentioned that “” remains at the top used websites in UAE; achieving over 3,35 million UBs, followed by “” with over 2,87 million UBs.

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Infographic Shows the Main Highlights of Internet Usage in UAE in Dec. 2017