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A hashtag is a keyword or a phrase (without any spaces) that contains the # symbol. It is a simple way to boost traffic, find & reach niche audiences, and to discover trending cultural moments.

Learn more about how hashtags work on each social network:

  • Twitter: Hashtags are a necessary way to categorize content on Twitter. Try to limit 2 or 3.
  • Instagram: Hashtags are used to build communities and help users to find topics they care about. Limit to a few hashtags in your caption and if you have more than a few hashtags, make a list of them in a comment rather than in the caption.
  • Facebook: Using hashtags on Facebook can make your content look overtly promotional. So, avoid using hashtags on Facebook.
  • Google+: Use hashtags to tag and classify your content (such as #cookingtips).
  • Tumblr: Choose hashtags that reflect the interest category of your content.
  • Pinterest: Use hashtags here sparingly. It would help your content rise in search results.

How to Find the Best Hashtags for Your Business Hootsuite

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