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Testing is the heart and soul of a marketing team, focused on getting incredible results. Once marketers launch a campaign, the real work starts: testing multiple variants, measuring results, and optimizing.

Firstly, before marketers start testing put in mind these following tips:

  • Plan to run tests for at least 3 weeks.
  • Only test one variable at a time.
  • Keep bid rates the same when testing targeting.

Secondly, when you start testing, figure out the 5 types of tests would help you more:

  1. Image tests: try tests such as an object versus a human and background color.
  2. Test variations in copy: The most effective tests are the call-to-action test and incorporating a stat test.
  3. Character count test.
  4. Test creative placement to draw a reader’s eye.
  5. The kitchen sink test.

5 Testing Ideas From the LinkedIn Marketing Vault LinkedIn

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